Why doesn’t my business have a company page?

When a card is scanned into Eight, we try to recognize the company on that card. Any companies we can identify will automatically be given a company page. The process from a new company being introduced to Eight (via a card being scanned) until a company page is set up can take a few weeks. If your company is not being identified even after several weeks, please see below. 

Unverified user

Your company will not be eligible for a company page until you have verified your profile card. For help with this, view this page

Company cannot be identified

In order to identify and verify companies, we check official records for that company’s registration information. Only businesses which can be identified on official records will be allocated a company page. For that reason, businesses must be registered corporate entities in order to have a company page.

At present, we are only able to verify companies which are registered in Japan, though we aim to add the capacity to identify internationally registered companies in the near future.

If your company is officially registered in Japan, but you have not got a company page after several weeks, please contact us using the form below. Please include your company’s corporate number.

Contact Form

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