Scanning Cards

With the Eight app, you can use your smartphone’s camera to scan business cards into your network.
There are two ways to do this, ‘Quick scan’ and ‘Manual scan’:

Quick scan:

With Quick scan, you can scan up to four cards simultaneously. Those cards will then immediately be read by our software*.

If a card you scanned belongs to an Eight user, you’ll be connected straight away.

If the card doesn’t belong to an Eight user, you’ll be invited to send them your business card digitally. If you select this option, we will send them an email containing a downloadable version of your data, which they can import into their contact list.

* All cards are subsequently digitized manually, so long-term accuracy will not be compromised.

Manual scan:

With Manual scan, you can scan cards individually, as well as on both sides.

Manual scan is recommended if you have many cards to scan consecutively, or if you just need to scan both sides for any reason.