Login Troubleshooting

Forgot your login email or user id?


Forgot your password?

Have more than one account?

If you have more than one account, be careful to enter the correct email when using the links above. All Eight accounts are kept separate on our system (even when the user is the same person), so you’ll need to enter the correct information for the account you’re trying to log into. If you’re having trouble, try all of your email addresses. 


Email not recognized?

Please double check that the email you’ve entered is correct, and try different email addresses which you may have used.

If you still get an error, it may be because you didn’t setup your login information.

In that case, if you’ve deleted the app or changed your phone unfortunately the data has been lost.


Not receiving the password reset email?
If you filled in the password reset form above but received no email, please consult this page.

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