Sending invitations when scanning cards

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When scanning your contacts or colleagues’ cards, you can easily invite them to Eight.


To do this, on the review page once you have scanned the card(s) and before uploading them to the server, simply tap the invite button (looks like an envelope) on the right-hand side. You can select as many people as you like.


When you do this, we will send them an email (to the address on their card which you’ve scanned), inviting them to Eight on your behalf.


The invite icon will turn blue for anyone you’ve selected, and the invitations will be sent when you upload the card.


You can change the default setting in your settings menu (top right corner on your profile page). Go to ‘Send invitations’ and change this according to whether you want it on or off by default.


If the business card is entering data, it is possible to cancel sending mail by deleting the corresponding business card.


If you accidentally send an invite, you can undo this by deleting the card while it is awaiting digitization (do so as quickly as possible if you want to make sure the invite is not sent). You’ll then have to scan the card again.