Notes on Exporting Contacts from Eight

名刺アプリ Eight サポートデスク -

Please be aware of the following when using the ‘export contacts’ feature.


Logging out of Eight


If you log out of or delete Eight, contact syncing will be deactivated. You will need to reactivate it upon logging back in.





When deactivating, you can choose whether or not you want to keep your Eight contacts in your device’s contact list.



All of your Eight contacts will be deleted from your device’s contact list.


Editing contacts


If you make changes to Eight contacts in your device’s contact list, the changes will not be reflected in Eight.

Please also bear in mind that the changes you make will be overwritten if there is a change to that contact’s information in Eight.


Choosing which contacts to export


All of your Eight contacts are automatically exported when the feature is activated. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to select specific contacts to export or not export.




Tags associated with your Eight contacts cannot be exported.


Eight ID


Every card in Eight’s database has an ‘Eight ID’, which also appears in your contact list. You can ignore this ID, but since it is used by the app for syncing, please do not delete it.